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Elinex has expanded its product and service portfolio with a new monitoring & management system.

With EPMS, we canmonitor any brand and type of UPS from a distance. With BACS we can monitor any brand and type of battery from a distance. In addition, the use of BACS also increases the battery life.

The EPMS and BACS solutions fit perfectly with Elinex's philosophy;
• Emergency power = 24/7 availability and reliability
• We do not just look at a moment's survey (at, e.g., annual maintenance)
• A better and more complete report
• Faster response time in case of malfunction because Elinex can already act
• Not only preventive and corrective maintenance but now also predictive maintenance

In addition to self-monitoring, you can choose to have Elinex proactively check the emergency power facilities from its service organization.

More information about EPMS & BACS.

EPMS is a monitoring system for both UPS and back up generators, consisting of hardware and software.

EPMS is brand independent and therefore offers the ability to manage different devices in one platform, both UPS devices and back up generators. EPMS consists of a combination of hardware and software.


The hardware mainly consists of communication cards and/or protocol converters. Both communication cards that are already present within the current UPS and can be used as well as new universal Elinex cards. EPMS always collects data through SNMP. Sometimes it is necessary to convert other protocols such as Modbus or communication through relay contacts to SNMP.


With the UNMS (Universal Network Management System) software, we can read all connected UPS’s and back up generators centrally. The UNMS software is specially designed to control, manage and report specific data of UPSs and back up generators.


• Central LIVE monitoring, always aware of the current status of your emergency power installations (also across different locations, anywhere in the world)
• Visual overview of all UPS’s and back up generators (map)
• Monitoring of each UPS and back up generator manufactory
• Monitoring is possible with the use of existing SNMP cards (no new purchase)
• After alarm notification: action is mandatory by service engineer
• Alarm notification and the notification of alerts (popup, mail, text message)
• Centralized management of server/client shutdown software
• Event Log, Battery Data Analysis, if BACS is applied
• Multiple operator accounts possible with specific permissions
• Access from any authorized workplace in the network


BACS stands for 'Battery Analyze & Care System'. With this system, the main and critical component of the UPS installation can be monitored and analyzed 24/7. The batteries are also equalized, which means that they last longer.

The BACS solution can be installed as ‘stand alone’ and as part of EPMS/UNMS. BACS also consists of hardware and software.

Hardware starts with a battery management module, which is installed per battery block. This can be for both a complete battery configuration within your UPS solution, but also for 1 or 2 redundant startup batteries for a back up generator.


BACS is an active system that continuously distributes the voltage supplied by the rectifier (Equalise & Care) across the battery blocks.

The BACS management system prevents overcharging and unloading of batteries by continuously regulating and distributing the voltage across the circuit in a slow process. In addition to regulating the voltage, there is continuous monitoring of the individual voltage, impedance and temperature. This will predict the failure of battery blocks (predictive maintenance). By replacing the battery blocks on time and preventive, you optimize the reliability and lifespan of the entire configuration.

Without a battery management system, a difference in battery impedance results in a battery being overcharged or undercharged. Undercharging results in sulfur, overloading results in corrosion. Both consequences result in unreliable battery power, while the battery supply should be the reliable power source in case of power failure. One defective battery block in the entire battery pack can already cause the entire configuration to fail in case of power failure.
Regarding battery life within UPS solutions, Elinex operates with the EUROBAT standard. In practice, we see that only 70-80% of the specified life span is achieved. With the use of BACS, we see that 100-120% of the specified lifetime is easily achieved.


• 24/7 visible status of battery configuration and per battery block
• Maximum reliability of your emergency power system
• The Care System extends the life span (equalizing)
• Possibility to insert new battery blocks into an existing battery chain
• Immediate alarms in case of deviations per battery block
• Analysis reports on the entire lifespan of your battery configuration (any information regarding manufacturer's warranty issues)
• Predictive maintenance based on analysis reports
• Corrective maintenance immediately after diagnosis deviation (instead of diagnosis per year with annual maintenance)

More information.

Please contact one of our specialists to discuss a possible solution and / or to request more information. Please e-mail or call us. You can also fill the contact form on the left, we will get in touch with you.

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