Elinex statement regarding business activities and COVID-19.

Published on 30 maart 2020

Dear client,

We would like to send you an update and statement how we as a company cope with our activities regarding the COVID-19 situation when we’re at work at our customer locations. The coronavirus creates exceptional circumstances. Because of this Elinex immediately has taken a number of measures.

Certainty and continuousness
Certainty and continuity of the power supplies are of paramount importance especially for companies that are currently working hard to serve society.

Our customers
Within the medical sector hospitals, healthcare facilities and laboratories are very important customers of Elinex. At this moment they are running at full speed and it is literally vital that the equipment is fully protected against power failure.

The data centers, internet providers and fiber optic networks are also crucial today because of the many people working from home to keep our economy running as much as possible. Web shops, distribution centers and logistics services are much more busy right now because of all the extra online purchases. In addition to the commercial companies, our central government is also standby. Law enforcement, Ministry of Defense, the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) and other national, federal or local governments are weighted with the changes brought by COVID-19.

These and many other customers must all be able to continue operating, especially in case of a power failure. Our power solutions are essential in this. Elinex can state that the 'crucial professional groups' and 'vital processes' defined by the Dutch government are all part of its clientele.

Measures Elinex COVID-19
In connection with the coronavirus, Elinex has taken immediate measures. We keep a close eye on the official guidelines of RIVM and further developments. Our highest priority is the safety and health of our employees and customers.

Elinex business operations during COVID-19
Elinex approaches this crisis situation as positively as possible and ‒ as always ‒ we are available 24/7 within the Benelux. Especially now we will try to achieve our response times of 4 hours or 8 hours in cause of a technical failure. If you have to deal with growth especially during these times, we deliver a lot of products from stock from our central warehouse; both single-phase and three-phase UPS solutions.

Service work is carried out on location
The activities of our service team at the customer location will continue as long as customers have taken adequate precautions based on RIVM's instructions. In addition, our engineers are also instructed to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters and to work safely in accordance with other RIVM guidelines. Since most of our service activities take place in unmanned technical areas, our work can be continued without risk and we have noticed that most of our customers consider it important that the work continues and very few appointments have been canceled so far.

Office workers working at home
Almost all of our office workers are working at home. The phones are forwarded and we try to be available as best as we can. However, waiting times in our departments may increase. We kindly request you to contact us by e-mail as much as possible.

Other measures
All planned fairs, business trips, appointments with account managers and other customer-related appointments have been canceled until June 1st. Elinex also uses video conference software such as Skype and Microsoft Teams. In this way most appointments can continue remotely.

If you have an appointment scheduled with one of our account managers in the short term, they will inform you about this soon.

With this writing, we hope to create clarity for our customers and contribute to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. The most important thing for now is to stay indoors as much as possible, take good care of each other and stay healthy. 

Hopefully see you soon!

B.J.K. van Raamsdonk
Elinex Power Solutions B.V.


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