Published on 21 oktober 2016

Huawei brings a whole new UPS type on the market within a developmental period of no more than 2 years. This is the ideal UPS within the range of 25 to 75KW and can be summarized as a very compact, efficient and modular UPS, equipped with many sensors and extensive monitoring software. Ready for use within Industry 4.0 thought.

This is a UPS model with integrated batteries with a capacity between 25KW and 75KW N+1 with a efficiency of 96.5%. This UPS model is based on the already successful 5000 E series, previously available from a 120KW frame using 40KW modules. This new Huawei "5000-E Series Integrated UPS" is ideal for smaller ICT data spaces with 5 to 25 racks. 

Within the frame a maximum of 4 power modules can be installed, 3 power modules for a power of 75KW + 1 additional module for N + 1 redundancy. This model is therefore applicable to a question of ≤ 25KW (N+1), ≤ 50KW (N+1) and ≤ 75KW (N+1).

The 2U UPS modules are extremely compact with a power of 25KW, giving this concept a space saving of 50% (size frame UPS + battery = 200hx60bx110d cm). Everything inside the frame is modular, including static by-pass, internal and external communication and battery charging. The frame can be expanded with a total of 4 frames with modular battery charging to achieve the desired autonomy time. The 5000-E Series integrated UPS has a large input voltage range between 138VAC and 485VAC.

Like the other 5000 E series, UPS power modules and by-pass modules are hot-swoppable in online business for service and maintenance. This Huawei UPS model remains an "Open Source" system without codes in the system software, which means that not only the manufacturer can perform maintenance, but any party you wish.

In addition, this UPS also includes a number of new (and standard) features, such as an integrated battery monitoring and control system with active notifications within the possibilities of monitoring. Also, the UPS is standard with "iFan" and "iCap", which monitors the fans and capacitors in real time. The rotational speed of the fans is measured and the capacitors measure the temperature and internal resistance. The measurements are read in real time and there are also active notifications for the user and/or maintenance party.

Within this UPS power line, according to Elinex, this is the best UPS of its kind available on the market. From December Elinex has this model in stock and it is also set up and connected to our LIVE Huawei UPS demonstration and test center at Ridderkerk. You are welcome to come and experience the possibilities yourself.

Elinex Power Solutions is a distributor and Value Added Partner (VAP) for Huawei UPS solutions within Western Europe and the specialist in designing, building and maintaining Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Huawei is a leading global information and communication technology manufacturer with sales of 60 billion, 176,000 employees, of which 79,000 operate in 16 R&D centers. In 2015 Huawei invested 15% of its revenue in R & D. Huawei focuses on 3 ICT markets: Carrier, Enterprise & Consumer. Huawei brings a complete data center portfolio to the enterprise market, including 1-phase and 3-phase UPS solutions.


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